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Strange but true, oil level and incorrect cable adjustment are the biggest factors in clutch problems. Wet clutches are the most common type of clutch (so-called because the clutch runs in oil to keep cool) but too much oil will drown the clutch’s drive friction plates causing them to slip. A clutch lever with excessive free play will cause premature wear because the clutch doesn’t fully disengage when the lever is pulled. Clutches are also designed to handle a set of amount of power, so upping your bike’s output can place great strain on a clutch unless it’s uprated – stronger springs, performance clutch plates etc.

We can adjust the clutch, replace the clutch, inspections the clutch, master cylinder replacement, and component replacement within the clutch. A clutch has many components within it, sometimes it can be as simple as replacing the cable, or as advanced as rebuilding the clutch, big or small, we can do it all.

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